When you think of Winston Churchill you often think of the politician, but at Chartwell you can discover the man behind the politics. Not only is the house settled in beautiful gardens with acres to explore, it is a real experience, learning about the home life of Sir Winston Churchill.

despite the conservation there’s still lots to see

The house operates a timed tickets system, but you can get them online before you go, and they’re free to National Trust members. They keep some back for on the day, but it does get busy so order them beforehand for peace of mind.

discover the man behind the politican

Upon entering the house you are handed a laminated guide, which shows you the route through and feature items to look out for in each room. There are plenty of room guides who are more than happy to answer any questions as you wander round.

there are plenty of spots to relax and enjoy the view

You can enjoy the gardens without worrying about the time though, and there’s plenty to see.

the gardens are centred around a large lake

From a canadian camp to an island and a statue of Winston and his wife, if the weather is good you’re spoilt for choice.

a back garden with an island!

Both the cafe and shop are next to the car park, before the entrance, so only a car parking ticket is required to visit them, which is great if you don’t have time to go into the property. I can recommend theĀ cappuccino cake, it was delicious!

the house is currently undergoing renovation work

Besides the house there is Winston’s studio to see, which houses some of his many paintings, and also his collection of walking sticks!

the studio where Churchill’s paintings are on display

It was a perfect half-day visit, although you could make it a whole day if you explored all the gardens and various walking trails. You can also walk from here to nearby Emmett’s Garden, and it is just a short drive to Quebec House, both also National Trust. Chartwell is located on the outskirts of Westerham, a quaint village with old tea shops and a lovely village green, well worth a visit in its own right.

peace and tranquility in the gardens

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