This week I took a few days off work and went on a trip to Kent.

Kent countryside

We visited Knole, a huge estate on the outskirts of Sevenoaks with plenty to see. You can take your bike, bring a picnic, go for a run or explore the country mansion.

Knole house

I wanted to visit this year because a new conservation studio has opened, where you can see the staff working on paintings, statues and other valuable items. It’s really hands on, with plenty of information about conservation, why they do it and how.


There’s fantastic views across the Kent countryside from the gatehouse tower, but it does involve quite a climb!

77 steps up to enjoy the panoramic views

With a whole deer park you could easily spend a whole day exploring. Warning, the deer are more friendly than you think, watch that picnic!

You can enjoy the parkland for free (car parking charges apply to non National Trust members), so no excuses, get out and make the most of the outdoors!

views from the tower

The house itself has plenty of interesting features, and with leaflets in every room there was lots to be learned! From a room for a king that was never occupied by him, to a gallery of paintings it made for an interesting visit. Unfortunately photos are not permitted in the house.

enjoying the life of luxury!



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