Ightham Mote

For peace and tranquility deep in the Kent countryside, Ightham Mote is the place to be. With countless of stories to tell, there’s lots to discover and plenty of space to relax.

with a listed dog kennel it’s got ‘unique’ covered

We got there just as an introductory talk was beginning, which gave a perfect insight into the background of the property. With parts of the property dating back to the 1300’s, there’s lots to learn. There’s also garden tours if that’s more your cup of tea.

crossing the bridge to the entrance

Taking a stroll around the outside of the property to let the history sink in, I’m a huge fan of anything with a moat. It feels very magical, tranquil and special.

there’s a chapel housing a Victoria Cross

I’d love to go back at Christmas time when the building is decorated with trees and festivities, it would be lovely. We went on a fairly average April day, but the place still felt special. It’s hidden away, there’s hardly any noise, it’s a perfect place to take a book and relax for an hour or so.

the quirkiness is what makes this place special

There are fields to wander through and formal gardens to enjoy. A picnic area and children’s play area can be found near the car park so there really is something for everyone.

there are beams everywhere

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